Best Small Towns In Colorado

The 12 Best Small Towns In Colorado

by Anuradha Sah

Are you planning a vacation in the best small towns in Colorado? Then grab your bags and get ready for a wonderful mountain vacation. Colorado is the best place to explore because of its stunning nature. You can visit here in any season. You will love this city for its natural surroundings and historical buildings. The pale blue rivers and lakes are beautiful. These things make Colorado one of the most popular states to live and visit. You can enjoy yourself a lot in the mountains, high plains, valleys, rivers, forests, and desert land. Let us explore more about the best small towns in Colorado below.

List of 12 Best Small Towns In Colorado

The best small towns in Colorado are providing unique summer and winter attractions. It’s a little difficult to tell who is better yet I am trying to tell here a list of the best small towns to live in colorado.

  1. Alamosa

  2. Trinidad

  3. Marble

  4. Lake City

  5. Creede

  6. Gunnison

  7. Ouray

  8. Frisco

  9. Silverton

  10. Crested Butte

  11. Durango

  12. Estes Parks

Top 12 Best Small Towns In Colorado 

Here is a brief look at the top 12 best small cities in colorado

  1. Alamosa


If you are planning to visit the best small towns in Colorado, then I am giving you some information about it here. So that you can get some help.

Alamosa is one of the most beautiful small towns in Colorado. This comes under the home rule of the municipality city. Alamosa is not only the biggest town but it is the commercial center also of the San Luis Valley in south-central Colorado. You will get complete information about the history and culture of the town in the San Luis Valley Museum. Alamosa has Around 10200 people. The town was established on 12 august 1878.

The other most popular place to visit is the Enormous Dunefield, which is the tallest dunes in North America. Alamosa is a small town with a great history. It is also the crucial hub and is famous for the Denver and other Rio Grande Western Railroad. You will enjoy the history of the train, the stories of the miners, and the settlers here in your journey.

  1. Trinidad


Trinidad is the most populous city in Las Animas county. It was built before colorado in 1876. In 1860 some Spanish and Mexican people wanted a convenient location and historic trade route near the Santa Fal Trail. This is located in towns in southeastern Colorado. Trinidad is a historic place in small towns in Colorado.

Trinidad is a great art-specific spot. Here you can see magnificent  Victorian buildings and brick-lined streets. It looks so beautiful that you can call it the great history buff’s paradise. You must visit the A.R.Mitchell Museum where you can see 350 wonderful paintings by western artists.

Trinidad is a beautiful place in a small town in Colorado. This is surrounded by mountains and magnificent wildlife. You will enjoy the beauty by walking, hiking, and biking here. This is a very affordable small town in Colorado.

  1. Marble


Are you searching for the best towns in Colorado?  Then you must visit the Marble. You will achieve a great experience. This is a 14,000-foot peak home which is located in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. The Crystal Mill and Yule Marble Quarry are one of the most visited spots in Marble.

Marble is a small town but you can get full enjoyment with your family and friends with camping, climbing, fly-fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, and much more. Most people come from Vell and Summit counties. This is only two hours west of Grand Junction and Redstone is the closest city to Marble, it is just 9 miles away.

Marble is the best town in Colorado to raise a family. You can visit here in summer, winter, spring, and enjoy the incredible scenery. It has great guest hospitality, abundant wildlife, and mountain lakes.

  1. Lake City

Lake City

Lake City is one of the best rural towns in Colorado as this is the only Hinsdale County. Lake City is surrounded by tons of public land. Lake city is situated at the two natural routes; one of the Silver Thread Visible Bypass and the second is Alpine Loop Backcountry Byway. This is the best place for outdoor adventures and there are very friendly people here. Except for the occasional, you can’t see here any light, and  traffic problem

You enjoy a great experience with the awe-inspiring landscape. In the winter you can visit the Lake City Ski Hill. You can do ice skating here at San Cristobal Lake. Lake City was established in 1873. This is the northeastern corner of Colorado,s the mystical San Juan Mountains. Lake city has more than 200 historical structures. And it has been designated a National Historic District since 1978.

When you plan to visit Lake City then San Cristobal is one of the most famous lakes in the small town of Colorado. This is the second-largest natural lake in the state. You should visit Hinsdale County Museum, Here you can learn more about Alfred Packer, this is Colorado’s only cannibal.

  1. Creede


Creede is the heart of the Rio Grande National Forest and it is located in Mineral County. The town is very small, and the population is less than 300. It was established in1880s after the silver boom, at that time the popularity of the Creede had increased greatly. You must visit the Underground  Mining Historical and the Creede Historical Museum, where you learn more about the Creede.

The buildings built here in the second half of the 19th century seem to be very unusual, and it is also a favorite spot for filmmakers. Yes, A lot of movies and television shows have been shot around the Creede here. This town in Southern Colorado is a wonderful place to explore the history and recreational activities due to the beautiful mountains. This is the perfect place for outdoor adventures. You can enjoy here fishing, kayaking, and wildlife watching.

You should not miss the other great activities including Derby Race and Balloon Festival. You can yourself take part in a play at the Creede Repertory Theater it will be a lifetime experience. This city will give you very entertaining memories.

  1. Gunnison


Gunnison is one of the most fantastic small towns in colorado. Do you know it is named after John W. Gunnison, he was an American Army officer who worked for rail in the 1850s? When you visit the Gunnison Pioneer Museum. you get complete information about the history and heritage of this place. Gunnison town is inspired by the novel “The Last Town on Earth”. The town was built when the epidemic called Spanish Influenza came in the early 1900s. The people here protect themself against it very well, as a result not a single death in the city was recorded.

If you are more interested in the local western culture of the small town in colorado. Then you must celebrate the 119-year-old Cattleman’s festival. It caters to the western lifestyle with rides and a parade. This is the western way of life, You must visit here in winter enjoy the Crested Butte Mountain Resort and the Monarch Ski Area. You should also visit The Blue Mesa Reservoir, which is perfect for fishing and it is the largest water body in Colorado.

  1. Ouray 


Did you know that Ouray is also called the Switzerland of America? As it is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It was a mining town inhabited by people who searched for silver and gold in the surrounding hills. There were over 30 active mines here. Now the city is a historic place and one of the most populous cities. It is located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado.

Ouray is perfect for outdoor activities where you will get to see more than 60 recreational activities. It is also called the outdoor recreation capital of Colorado which is perfect. Ouray is one of the most spectacular places in the best small towns in Colorado.  It is surrounded by high mountain walls all around and shows very amazing views. The Ouray was established on 2 October 1876. When it was established in January 1877, Ouray County was formed from the northern end of San Juan County and made it a county seat.

Ouray is a wonderful place to relax and the best small town in Colorado. You can just visit in the winter and enjoy Ouray Ice Festival at the Ouray Ice Park. The other popular place is San Juan Skyway Scenic & Historic Byway. You can also visit Box Canyon Falls, where the water cascades 285 feet from top to basin and you can enjoy here other popular activity.

  1. Frisco


If you are ready to visit the best small towns in Colorado to live then Frisco is the best option.

And if you are a skiing lover then Frisco is the best place for you. This is located near Breckenridge, Dillon, and Copper Mountain. You can go to any season like spring, summer, and winter, you can find their many options for camping, hiking, biking, fishing, rafting, boating, and many more.

Frisco is a small town in Colorado with many world-famous Ski resorts. There are six ski resorts near Frisco located at just 30 minutes drive. You can also visit Vail Mountain, Breckenridge Ski Resort, and Copper Mountain Resort. Frisco is an ideal place for base camping, you can enjoy your vacation in winter for snow or in summer for adventures on footpaths and water.

  1. Silverton


Silverton is a small town in Colorado. It is situated in an attractive valley of over 9,000 feet, It was found for mining in the 1870s. This is a national historical site, it has historic railway stations and abandoned mines. You can also see here buildings from the Victorian era. If you are interested in the history of West America in the late 1800s, then you can stop in Silverton. Be sure to enjoy it as it is the perfect combination of magnificent  Victorian charm and amazing natural beauty.

Here you can enjoy the gorgeous mountains showcasing in the autumn colors. When you are in Silverton, then you must enjoy a cup of coffee and a tasty pastry. You can also try the funnel cake which is very tasty. You must visit the Grand Imperial Hotel as it is a landmark in Silverton which built-in 1883.

You can enjoy the railway ride from the Narrow Gauge Railway to Durango and Silverton to enjoy the ultimate wild west adventure. When you ride the train they tell you all about the towns. You should also visit the San Juan Mining Heritage Center, Jail, and museum.

  1. Crested Butte

Crested Butte

This is another former mining town. You must visit the East River Valley and enjoy adventuring among the stunning beauty. Should not miss the popular activities like fishing, kayaking, climbing, hiking, and much more. Crested Butte is the best place if you love mountain biking. This is the perfect spot for mountain biking.

Crested Butte is one of the best small towns in Colorado. This is a lovely place with a historical charm. When you are there you must enjoy the best top art festival and music festival.

  1. Durango


Durango is a beautiful small town in Colorado and this has been the most attractive place for tourism. This is near the New Mexico border and only a 6-hour drive from Denver. When you go there you must visit the Mesa Verde National Park, Chaco Canyon, and Chimney Rock National Monument.

If you want to explore the town then you must book a trip on the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad to see the amazing views on the way. Do you know this is also the gateway for the Mesa Verde National Park? Buildings such as the Strater Hotel and the General Palmer Hotel provide the backdrop of the iconic heritage.

  1. Estes Parks

Estes Parks

Estes Park is the best camping spot with all outdoor activities on the Rocky Mountain National Park. In this small town in Colorado, you can enjoy the real wildlife. You can visit enjoy both seasons like in winter you can go skiing and in summer you can enjoy hiking. And there are many more activities to enjoy.

In Estes Park, you will feel the amazing natural environment around you. If you are traveling with family, do not forget to visit the Estes Park Memorial Observatory. Here you will see the incredible views of the national park. You will also learn about the old lily mines and ghost cities along with Lily Mountains and twin sisters here.

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What Is The Best Small Town In Colorado?

These are the 12 best small towns in Colorado.

  • Alamosa
  • Trinidad
  • Marble
  • Lake City
  • Creede
  • Gunnison
  • Ouray
  • Frisco
  • Silverton
  • Crested Butte
  • Durango
  • Estes Parks

What Is The Cheapest Town To Live In Colorado?

Here we give you a list of the cheapest small towns to live in Colorado. You must visit there.

  • Trinidad
  • Durango
  • Alamosa
  • Gunnison

What Is The Smallest Town In Colorado?

Here I am telling you about the smallest town in Colorado, where you would like to go.

  • Alamosa
  • Crested Butte
  • Ouray
  • Lake city
  • Creede

What Is The Prettiest Town In Colorado?

It is a little difficult to tell here what is the best prettiest town in Colorado because almost all the cities of Colorado are beautiful? Let’s try.

  • Creede
  • Crested Butte
  • Estes Park
  • Ouray
  • Trinidad                                                                                  

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These are the best small towns in Colorado we have described. If you plan to visit small towns in Colorado and spend your vacation here then do not miss these beautiful places. They will take you near to nature and give you an amazing feeling. You can visit these amazing places any time of the year and enjoy different activities in different seasons. There are many different and attractive outdoor activities filled with thrill and excitement. Do not forget to enjoy seafood and taste the local food. You should visit the beautiful lake, rivers, Rocky mountains and the friendly culture of the best small towns in Colorado.

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