Best Places to Visit in Argentina

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Argentina: Must see and Beautiful Tourist Sites

The list of the best places to visit in Argentina is huge because of the natural assets of the country. Many tourists from all over the world are attracted to this beautiful country situated in the southern part of South America. Argentina is one of the most biodiverse countries hosting the largest ecosystem varieties globally, making Argentina a perfect getaway location for all our nature lovers out there.

This article informs you about the best places to visit in Argentina and some interesting facts about Argentina so that you don’t miss out on these beautiful tourist attractions during your visit. The stunning architecture and fashion her has a European and American imitation to it. While you visit here, you can try to learn the famous dance Tango as Argentina is known to be the birthplace for it.

List of 10 Best Places to Visit in Argentina

Located in South America, Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world. There are many unique places to visit in this beautiful country, but here we have shortlisted the best locations for you so that you can explore Argentina effortlessly. The list of 10 best places to visit  in Argentina is:

  • Buenos Aires
  • El Calafate
  • Salta and Jujuy
  • Mendoza
  • Ushuaia
  • Bariloche
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Cordoba
  • El Chalten
  • Ibera Wetlands

 Best Places to Visit in Argentina

From the mountainous valleys to lush green vineyards and snow glazed glaciers in Argentina is just a treat for your eyes. It is a very culturally and historically strong nation.

You will love to empty the memory of your camera because it would be difficult for you to stop taking images of the best places to visit in Argentina. So, if you are finding the answer to the most common question of where to visit during your vacation in Argentina, here we are with the 10 best places to visit during your vacation.

  • Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in Argentina and is popularly known as the “Paris of South America.” It radiates all year long, but the best time to visit Buenos Aires is in fall (April-June) and spring (September-December).

Buenos Aires encapsulates the very essence of Argentina. You’ll never tire of exploring the beautiful neighbourhoods of this city. Among the most popular are La Recoleta and Belgrano.

Plaza de Mayo is the traditional focus of Buenos Aires; this delightful plaza has been a stage for many historical events. The Metropolitan Cathedral was established back in the 16th century by the Spanish and is one of the country’s first church and is one of the best places to visit in Argentina, Buenos Aires.

This magnificent historical city in Argentina has some fine performance halls for the theatre lovers out there. The best-known theatre is the remarkable Colon Theatre, known for hosting opera and ballet. Buenos Aires is one of the most important centres for art throughout South America. There are several art galleries in Buenos Aires, to name a few, Fort art Collection, Museum of the Spanish Art of Enrique Larreta.

Buenos Aries certainly is in the top places to see in Argentina. It is a perfect location for once in a lifetime opportunities and is the best place to visit in Argentina in September.

  • El Calafate

El Calafate is a beautiful city in Patagonia, Argentina. El Calafate is known for its incredible Patagonian landscapes and endless hiking opportunities, and you can take up outdoor and adventurous pursuits. This small town will undoubtedly have you in awe of the splendid scenery which it has to offerEl Calafate is  the best places to visit in Argentina, Patagonia. 

The main attraction of El Calafate is the Perito Monero Glacier. The best way to go up close is on a boat trip. It is one of the most spectacular sights in Argentina. It towers above Patagonia’s Los Glaciers National Park’s glacial water and is among the largest glaciers.

If you visit El Calafate, there’s no way you should miss out on Lago Argentina( Lake Argentino). It is among the largest freshwater lakes in Argentina, and glacial meltwater fills it up. El Calafate is the best place to visit in Argentina in October.  El Calafate is the perfect spot for you if you are looking for a getaway in nature’s paradise

  • Salta and Jujuy

Salta and Jujuy are in the north-western province of Argentina. It is the best spot to visit in northern Argentina. This place has one of the Andes’ highest peaks and has an indigenous and rural outlook. The stunning salt flats and exclusive wineries are a significant attraction of this location. The best place to visit in Argentina in July is Salta and Jujuyas, during that time, snow covers it and other areas like Patagonia.

Humahuaca Gorge is home to a bunch of impressive monuments and is also a UNESCO heritage site. It is a very picturesque location; a fun activity here is to explore the cultural aspects of this place, which can be seen everywhere around this location.

If you’re visiting Salta and Jujuy, there’s no harm in a little detour to a beautiful and jaw-dropping Calchaqui valley. The primary reason to visit this valley is because of its natural beauty and inhabitants’ cultural diversity. Salta and Jujuy have many more adventurous and memorable activities for tourists and are a place of interest in Argentina. It is undoubtedly worth your time.

  • Mendoza

Mendoza is a city in Argentina’s Cuyo region in the heart of Argentina’s wine country. Mendoza is the best place to visit in Argentina in Summerand the town is a treat for the wine lovers out there. You can find the best wines of Argentina in Mendoza.

One could spend a laid back time in the city visiting the uniques cafes and plazas. Plazas and restaurants are undoubtedly the best places to visit in Mendoza, Argentina. But this city also offers many adventurous activities on the outskirts like water rafting, horseback riding and many more. The best sport here is paragliding from Cerro acro. It is a trendy sightseeing location in Argentina.

If you are a fan of outdoor activities and the weather is cooperating, you can, you can head to the Andes to hike a part of South America’s tallest mountain, Aconcagua. Mendoza has many famous sightseeing spots, so it is right to say that this is the best place in Argentina to visit.

  • Ushuaia

Ushuaia is the southernmost city of Argentina, and it is in the top listed  attractions in Argentina. It is a busy port and an adventurous hub. The food in Ushuaia is also pretty great Fuegian cuisine includes a lot of traditional local dishes from here.

There is sail through the Beagle channel, which can take you to the most iconic and scenic southern Argentina locations. If you plan to visit Ushuaia, it is the best place to visit in December, so plan accordingly.

  • Bariloche

This city is the best places to visit in Argentina, PatagoniaTravellers enjoy the scenic beauty of this place with its snow-capped mountains and the winter air. Bariloche is famous for its glacial lake Nahuel Huapi, situated in the middle of a national park.

Snowboarding is the most popular sports here. The best time to visit Bariloche is November as the weather suits the activities suitable for this area.

Bariloche is a very picturesque location and a beautiful city offering many adventure activities and exciting treks for visitors. The town is on the list of best cities in Argentina for vacation.

  • Iguazu Falls

These are the beautiful waterfalls present on the Iguazu River on the border of Argentina and Brazil; together, they make up the world’s largest waterfall. With adequate safety procedures, this is also one of the best places for children to visit, as it can be a fun picnic spot for them.

Iguazu falls are the most majestic waterfalls in the world. It is a very picturesque location and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Argentina.

Iguazu Falls is the world’s the most jaw-dropping and magnificent locations to visit. It is a location that if you are travelling to Argentina, you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

  • Cordoba

Cordoba is a beautiful place in Argentina and also one of top Argentina’s attractions. It is a wonderland of natural beauty. Whether you are going for a road trip, camping, or hiking, Cordoba’s beauty doesn’t disappoint you, though the travellers sometimes overlook this location. It is a treat for the eyes, and you can also have a fun time at one of the best places in Cordoba, Argentina, with water.

If you want to explore this place the right way, the best thing is by car, and enjoy this area’s spectacular countryside. If you are a night owl, Cordoba is the right place for you, as the nightlife in this small city is very happening, and there are a ton of bars and clubs for you and your friends to hang out at. The bars and restaurants are undoubtedly the best places to visit in Cordoba, Argentina.

The nightlife of Cordoba is top of Argentina’s point of interest. The best time to visit Cordoba is during the arrival of winter that is during July or August.

  • El Chalten

El Chalten, also known as the “UsmaokingImountain,” is the trekking capital of Argentian. It is a beautiful and fun vacation spot in Argentina.  There is also a National Trekking Festival conducted here in March, so all those trekkers out there, this place is a perfect location for your next vacation. El Chalten is the best place to visit in Argentina in January due to its scenic beauty.

Visitors arrange trekking trips to this small town to its scenic lake points and the famous Mount Fitz Roy. One exciting activity can be a hike to glacier Huemul. A boat trip to a glacial lake can also be fascinating for some people, so don’t miss out on that.

There are many more adventure activities like rafting of trekking, which can be done here. It would be best if you unquestionably visited El Chalten during your visit to Argentina.

  • Ibera Wetlands

This another UNESCO heritage site and sure is a must-visit in Argentina. This national park neighbours the valley of the moon and is in the province of La Roja. Many fossils of dinosaurs have been found at the dry beds of the Tlampaya river. The remains of indigenous peoples’ settlements can also be found here.

This location can interest nature lovers and people who are interested in fossils and history. It is the most adventurous regions to visit in Argentina.

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What are the three tourist attractions in Argentina?

Argentina is a beautiful country with many tourist attractions, but there are a few who certainly shouldn’t be missed out.

  1. Iguazu Falls
  2. Buenos Aires
  3. El Chalten
  4. Salta and Jujuy

What is the safest city in Argentina?

Buenos Aires is among the safest cities not only in Argentina but in South America. It does not imply that the town is crime-free, so one should always be alert.

Is Argentina safe in 2020?

Argentina is a comparatively safer option to travel to as compared to others in South America. Before you go, you should certainly check out the 10 must-visit attractions in Argentina.

  1. Buenos Aires
  2. El Calafate
  3. Salta and Jujuy
  4. Mendoza
  5. Ushuaia
  6. Bariloche
  7. Iguazu Falls
  8. Cordoba
  9. El Chalten
  10. Ibera Wetlands

When should I visit Argentina?

Springtime (October-December) and autumn time(April-June) are considered the best times to visit Argentina as these seasons are favourable for travelling most parts of the country. This time is also good to see the best places in Argentina, Conde Nast.

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To conclude, we can say that when you visit, Argentina explores this beautiful country to the fullest and enjoy every bit of it as there are a few once in a lifetime opportunities which you can only experience here.  Argentina’s tourism is a highly developed industry; therefore, when you visit the country, make sure to explore the country more than the places listed in the best places to visit in Argentina.


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