Best Cities to Visit in Thailand

Top 12 Best Cities to Visit in Thailand

Best Cities to Visit in Thailand, also known as the Kingdom of Thailand, is a south-eastern Asian country with its capital Bangkok, one of the Top 12 best cities to visit in Thailand. The country mostly has a Buddhist culture, and that depicts in most parts of the country.

This article is about the best cities to visit in Thailand. Many people worldwide visit Thailand, which is why tourism is the major economic contributor to the country. The climate also suits tourism as mostly it is a wet and dry climate from the southern and eastern parts, which has quite a monsoon climate.

So if anyone plans to visit this beautiful country, one should know about the best cities in Thailand to visit. So if anyone is looking for cities to visit in Thailand, then here is the list of 12 best cities to visit in Thailand.

List of top 12 best cities to visit in Thailand

Thailand is one of the beautiful countries to visit in the world. It is famous for tropical beaches, royal palaces, and ornate temples showing figures of Buddha. One can visit many places in Thailand, such as:

  • Bangkok
  • Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
  • Hua Hin
  • Phuket
  • Chiang Mai
  • Krabi
  • Ko Samui
  • Mueang Chiang Rai
  • Pa Tong
  • Surat Thani
  • Ko Tao
  • Ko Lanta

Top 12 best cities to visit in Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful country where one can enjoy beautiful beaches and incredible views. The peak season to visit Thailand is winters, November to March, in most of the regions. Here are some places one can visit and enjoy their trip:


When we talk about which are the best cities and towns to visit in Thailand, Bangkok is considered the top of the list. Apart from being the capital of the country, it is also known as a beautiful and magnificent tourist attraction. It is an important metropolitan, and has tall skyscrapers and century-old temples, making it the best city to visit in Thailand with your family.

Wat pho, or the temple of emerald buddha, is an attraction for people of all ages, making it the best city to stay in Thailand.

Bangkok is best known for its tourism and was also named “World’s Best City” by the Travel+Leisure survey. As the capital city and as the main gateway to Thailand for almost all the tourists, the city experiences a lot of tourist crowd. Majority of the international tourists visit and also live in this city when they visit Thailand—thus making it the best and the safest city in Thailand to visit.

The city offers multifaceted tourist attractions and sites, and the city is coloured in the vibrant colours of diversity. The city is beautiful and is also one of the busiest and fast paced cities in the world.

If you want to know the history of the city, then the royal palaces, the museums, and the temples are the places for you. These destinations are filled with the cultural history of the city as well as of the country. So make sure to visit these destinations when in Bangkok.

2.Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

It is also simply referred to as Ayutthaya. Apart from Bangkok, Ayutthaya is considered as the best place to visit in Thailand for the elderly. It is home to a UNESCO heritage site. Three rivers surround this island. It was the former capital of Thailand until it was burned down in 1967. It is considered an option to visit with family as it has beautiful temples like Wat Chaiwatthanaram and Wat Mahthat.

The city is to the north of the capital city and is the hidden gem of archaeological sites. So, all the history buffs are in a treat if they are visiting this city.

One of the top destinations in Thailand is Wat Lokaya Sutha, which is a restored ruin of a monastery. The place is all about the history of the country and its culture. The walls and the pillars of the temples depict the drawings of the life of the Buddha.

3.Hua Hin

When we talk about the best cities to visit in Thailand, travel 200 km towards southern Thailand, you find this beautiful coastal region for people to visit in Thailand who like beaches. It favours families and couples who want to spend their time on the beach without the chaos of the metro cities and nightlife.

This city has Plearn Wan and Klai Kangwon Summer Palace, two themed shopping centres, and a major water park for kids. It is a small town with the perfect weather for spending some quality time on the beach and get tanned. Hua Hin is one of the best cities to visit in Thailand on the coast, so make sure to visit this town when in Thailand.


A walk on the many white sandy beaches or the old city centre, that’s Phuket. This city is considered as the best place to visit in Thailand for singles. This place has all the buzz of excitement with historic charm intact. The city offers a lot when it comes to the nightlife along with museums like Thai Hua. Not only this, Phuket is the largest island in the country. It is one of the best cities to go to in Thailand and has a lot to offer the tourists.

The Chinese culture is very famous, which means dishes like dim sum, colourful pastries, and pancakes made with sweetened condensed milk are available for the taste buds and makes Phuket, the best city in Thailand for food.

Bangkok, Chiang Mia, and Phuket are the best three cities to visit in Thailand. Therefore, when you are thinking of the best cities in Thailand to visit, add these to your bucket list to make your vacation memorable.

5.Chiang Mai

Again among the top cities in Thailand, Chiang Mai is one of the best cities to visit in Northern Thailand. With tourist attractions like national parks, waterfalls, historic temples, and mountains, this city is the best fit for tourists and backpackers of all ages, and it is said to be the best city to visit in Thailand with your friendsChiang Mai is the third city in the list of the three popular cities in Thailand after Bangkok and Phuket.

A special mention for trekkers because hill tribe trekking is a popular activity at Thailand’s highest mountain, Doi Inthanon. Chiang Mai is a budget city which is home to various elephant sanctuaries. It is the best place to visit in Thailand, if you are a fan of adventure, and would love to trek and hike.


The best time to visit Krabi is peak season in winter, November to March. Krabi is slightly expensive than other islands in Thailand. It is famous for its incredible landscape and tiger cave temple in Thai. If anyone wants to enjoy a calm nature and laze around, then Krabi is the best small city to visit in Thailand.

The city is on the Southern coast of the country and lies at the mouth of the river Krabi, and the main economic activity of the locals is tourism. The city is the top cities to visit in Thailand.

The beautiful picturesque landscapes and mountain ranges with beaches are the top attractions of the island.

7.Ko Samui

Ko Samui is the second largest island in Thailand. It is said to be a must-see city in Thailand for couples. One can enjoy their travel to Ko Samui in 4 days. It is famous for its relaxed holiday by the ocean, coconut groves, luxury resorts, and posh spas.

The city lies on the east coast of the country and is part of the Surat Thani Province. You will be able to find several luxurious villas and mansions in this city and is thus the posh city of the country.

8.Mueang Chiang Rai

It is a city in northern Thailand. One probably needs 3 to 4 days to absorb in local culture and cuisine. Chiang Rai is a small and safe city in Thailand to travel  and is mainly famous for its incredible jungle scenery, mountains, and beautiful landscapes.

If anyone is interested in hiking trips, then Chiang Rai and Pai are the best two cities to visit in Thailand.

9.Pa Tong

Pa Tong is a sandy beach resort town, where the beaches are covered with cafes, restaurants, and bars. Pa Tong is famous for nightclubs and overfilled streets. You can visit local markets and temples in the day time.

One must try local street food and can shop from local markets. It is better to keep your eyes open during the night time if you travel alone on the streets.

10.Surat Thani

Surat Thani is a city in southern Thailand. It is a bustling transport hub that carries cargo and people around the world. There are many beautiful places to visit in Surat Thani, such as Surat Thani city pillar shrine, Cheow Lan Dam, Khoa Sok National Park, or night market.

The night market is quite popular in Surat Thani. One can buy local shoes, cosmetics, and footwear in the market and enjoy local street food like chicken dishes, fruits, fishes, and more. Some other places like Sonchana farm and elephant sanctuary, and limestone lake rainforest is also famous in Surat Thani. It is the best cities to visit in Thailand for singles.

11.Ko Tao

Ko Tao is said to be one of the most popular islands in Thailand. Ko Tao is famous among scuba divers and snorkelers. It is a small island, so one doesn’t need a long time to explore. Ko Tao offers a lot of beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes, and lots of activities to try.

Many activities can be tried out like discovering the underwater world while snorkelling, trying scooter tour over the island. Thai massages are also very famous in Ko Tao. One can drive to Ko Nang Yuan, which is a beautiful neighbouring island, by boat. Visiting small night markets in Thailand is a must.

12.Ko Lanta

It is a small Thai island off the coast of Pattaya. It is also famous for its beautiful beaches, nature, and parks. As it is close to Pattaya, many tourists prefer to visit this island to explore more Thailand places.

Tips before visiting Thailand

Check the weather: Thailand mainly has two different seasons that will change your trip’s cost and what you want to do. So it’s essential to check the weather before visiting Thailand.

Don’t drink the tap water: Thailand’s tap water is not safe to drink. It’s better to carry a reusable water bottle and fill it up with hotels or water dispensers in the street.

Don’t ride the Elephants: a few years ago, riding an elephant was common in Thailand. After many reports have come out on how cruelly these animals are treated, this activity must be avoided.

Buy a sim cardAlthough WI-FI is available at most of the bars and restaurants in Thailand, it is still best to buy a local sim card once you reach there.

Try street food: Thailand is famous for having the best street food in the world. If you don’t try street food, then your trip to Thailand are useless.

Carry mosquito spray: Don’t forget to pack mosquito spray while travelling to Thailand. Mosquitoes are everywhere in Thailand.

Respect Thai culture: It is essential to respect Thai culture like don’t touch anybody’s head in Thailand as it is considered disrespectful, or avoid pointing your feet towards any person or image of the king.

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Let’s get to know more about the best places to visit on Tripbates


What are the best cities to visit in Thailand?

Thailand is a beautiful city, full of different culture and rich food items. Many people prefer to travel to Thailand because of its beautiful beaches and temples. Some of the best cities to visit in Thailand are:

  1. Bangkok
  2. Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
  3. Chiang Mai
  4. Hua Hin
  5. Phuket
  6. Pattaya city
  7. Krabi
  8. Ko Samui
  9. Pai
  10. Phi Phi islands
  11. Mueang Chiang Rai
  12. Pa Tong

What is the most beautiful city in Thailand?

Chiang Mai is said to be the most beautiful city in Thailand. This charming city in Thailand is considered less chaotic and provides more opportunities for relaxation than others. Other beautiful cities in the country are:

  1. Bangkok
  2. Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
  3. Hua Hin
  4. Phuket
  5. Chiang Mai
  6. Krabi
  7. Ko Samui
  8. Mueang Chiang Rai
  9. Pa Tong
  10. Surat Thani
  11. Ko Tao
  12. Ko Lanta

What is the best city to stay in Thailand?

Bangkok is the colourful and bustling capital city of Thailand. It is the best city to stay in Thailand. One will find busy and lively streets, where something is happening all the time. When thinking of the question, what is the best city to visit in Thailand, make sure to add the top city of Thailand to the list.

What is the safest place in Thailand?

Thailand is said to be a safe country to travel to. But Chiang Mai and Krabi are considered to be the safest places in Thailand.

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With this article’s help, it is clear that Thailand is an excellent option to travel during your holidays. There are many best  places to visit in Thailand. One can enjoy the different cultures of different cities in Thailand. It is safe and cheap to travel to Thailand and make sure to make your list of the best cities to visit in Thailand after visiting the country.



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