Best Cities in Washington

Top 10 Best Cities in Washington to Live

The scenic beauty of Washington is the major tourist attraction. There are many best cities in Washington where one may plan to live. The state got its name after its President, George Washington. It is the largest producer of apples with many manufacturing companies in the state. With an area of around 184,872 km square, one can plan to stay in Washington for a better lifestyle.  So, if you are planning to live in the best cities in Washington, you may choose from one of the following.

List of 10 Best Cities in Washington State

Washington holds rank among the top 20 cities in America. It has a population of more than 7.6 billion. It’s known to be the most evergreen state and is home to two volcanoes. You will find many best cities to live in Washington State. 10 best cities in Washington State to stay in are:

  1. Bellevue
  2. Redmond
  3. Sammamish
  4. Pullman
  5. Issaquah
  6. Richland
  7. Bainbridge Island
  8. Snoqualmie
  9. Kirkland
  10. Woodinville
  • Woodinville

Best Cities to Live in Washington State

Washington is known for agriculture as well as its Industrial sector. This makes it a state full of job opportunities. Also, there are many universities in Washington. No doubt, Washington is one of the best states to live in. The best cities in Washington are:

  • Bellevue

Bellevue has been derived from a French word, which means a beautiful view. It is the largest city in the state and is a hub for the world’s most innovative techno companies. It is the headquarters of companies like IPACCAR Inc., T-Mobile, and Valve.

The top attractions of Bellevue which makes it the best cities to visit in Washington State are:

Bellevue Botanical Garden

This garden is formed on a 53-acre land and is a place of beauty, serenity, and learning for its visitors. Fun things such as community celebrations, plant sales, summer concerts, art exhibits, and holiday light festivities are done here throughout the season.

Downtown Park

This beautiful park is best for outings. There’s a water feature here, which makes it very beautiful. It also has a Children’s area. Moreover, one can do ice skating here in winter.

Bellevue Square

This shopping mall has plenty of stores that possess everything in your budget. What makes it even better is its free parking, Wi-Fi facilities, and comfortable sitting areas which add to your shopping experience.

Kids Quest Children’s Museum

Not only it’s a fun place for kids, but here you can also learn about science, technology, maths, and much more. It offers a large number of programs for kids throughout the year.

  • Redmond

Redmond is the best city in Washington. It is ranked number one for living in Washington. Redmond is the home of Microsoft, which is the highest employing company in the city. Redmond is just 16 km away from Seattle, the largest city in Washington. Redmond is one of the best cities to live in Washington after a retirement. Unemployment is quite low in the city. There are plenty of outdoor activities in this town, which is a source of great attraction among young people. The town has a bridge named “The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge”, also known as the 520 Bridge, which is the world’s longest floating bridge.

The top attractions of Redmond which makes it the best cities to visit in Washington State are:

Museum Heist Escape Game

Here, each game consists of around 60 minutes. 4 to 8 players can play it at one time.  Moreover, you become a thief here, who has to steal money. Sounds interesting, Isn’t it?

Mount Baker climbing

If you have a love for hiking, then this is for you. It’s a 3-day hiking trip that is exciting and fun.

  • Sammamish

Sammamish ranks second among the best cities in Washington. Sammamish is a city of stunning lakes and rivers. This city has earned its place in one of the best cities in Washington for families. Lake Sammamish is an attraction for people who like swimming. Mountain bikers would love Dutile Hill Park. Beaver Lake Park is another attraction. It has everything such as waterside grills, shelters, a dog park, ball fields as well as forest. Nevertheless, Sammamish is ranked in the best cities to stay in Washington.

The top attraction of Sammamish which makes it the best cities to visit in Washington State is:

 Iskcon Vedic Cultural Centre

Here you can see lovely idols of Lord    Krishna and Lord Rama. It is a very peaceful worshipping place.

  • Pullman

Pullman has a low cost of living. No doubt it is in the list of top 10 best affordable cities in Washington State. This city has a very low crime rate, a high number of restaurants, shops and entertainment options, good education, and a large number of outdoor activities. One can rent a two-bedroom home in Pullman for $710. Pullman has a Washington State University where about 20,000 students are enrolled. This place has a dozen parks and natural areas which makes it one of the best cities in Washington State to live.

The top attractions of Pullman which makes it the best cities to visit in Washington State are:

Washington state university

This is a very large university. Currently, it is the country’s leading research center.

Lawson Garden

This is a must-visit place during summer in Pullman. Visitors love to walk here. It is a very refreshing and beautiful garden in the city.

  • Issaquah

Issaquah is one of the top cities in Washington. Issaquah is nicknamed as a “Trailhead City”. This city is a popular hiking destination in Washington. Issaquah has an urban-suburban mix feel. This place has a great school and wildlife. But traffic is a big problem, especially during rush hours. There are a lot of development projects which are going on, in the city. But despite that city has not lost its soul.

The top attractions of Issaquah which makes it the best cities to visit in Washington State are:

Tiger Mountain

It is an attraction for hiking lovers.

Pine Lake Park

This is a beautiful park where people mostly come for picnics. It also has a swimming facility. Do you love fishing? Then this place is for you.

  • Richland

Richland is a small peaceful town in Washington. The cost of living attracts people to live in Richland. The city doesn’t have nightlife but has a lot of restaurants which provide delicious food. Richland is no doubt is one of the best small cities in Washington State to live in.

The top attractions of Richland which makes it the best cities to visit in Washington State are:

Reach Museum

Here you can learn about the history of tri-city.

Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve

This place has a nice scenic view. It looks amazing when you view it from the top. People love to work out here.

Goose Ridge Winery

If you are planning a family hangout then this is a place for you.

Howard Amon Park

This place provides you an opportunity to explore lots of activities. Beach, Kayaking, kindle pool, snorkeling, biking, playgrounds, and fishing make this place very attractive.

  • Bainbridge Island awarded Bainbridge with A+ for its livability. It’s a very small and quiet town in Washington. People here are quite warm and loving. This place is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are plenty of restaurants and movie theaters here. Bainbridge’s public schools have received top rankings from school-ratters like Great Schools and

The top attractions of Bainbridge Island which makes it the best cities to visit in Washington State are:

Bainbridge Island Luxury Winery Tour

This is one of the best wineries in Washington. Many award-winning wines have originated from here. So, if you visit this place then you must get a tour guide who can provide you information about every wine.

Bainbridge Island Sightseeing

Here you will get the opportunity to see around 7 places. The complete tour starts from Wilson green which takes around 2 hours to travel. Do you love taking pictures? Then do check this place.

Bainbridge Island Historical Museum

This museum provides information about cruelty done to the Japanese during World War 2. History lovers love this place.

Bainbridge Distillers

Here, guides guide you about the distillation process. So, you can get to learn something new.

The grand forest, Heyday farm, Fort Ward park are few other attractions of this city.

  • Snoqualmie

According to one website Snoqualmie is one of the best Washington cities to live in. The crime rate here is quite low (11th lowest) and unemployment rates are also low here (3.3%). If you love rains then it is one of the best cities in Washington State to visit. There are many waterfalls in the city. Snoqualmie population is also very low which around 12000 are.

The top attractions of Snoqualmie which makes it the best cities to visit in Washington State are:

Snoqualmie White water Rafting

This rafting will take around half of your day. You can even book its tickets online.

Snoqualmie Falls

This is one of the most loved scenery attractions of Washington. Visitors love the view of this waterfall. Near the fall, there’s a park and a gift shop.

Dirt fish rally school

This is a game and entertainment center in Snoqualmie. It’s a driving school where professionals teach people to rally.

Snoqualmie Casino

This is a beautiful place that is famous for gaming and dining.

Northwest Railway Museum

In this largest and oldest museum in Washington, you can see plenty of railway equipment and locomotives.

  • Kirkland

Kirkland which is the 12th-largest city by population in the state is pedestrian and bicycle-friendly. Its residents enjoy high income compared to other parts of Washington. The city holds a passion for Little League baseball. It is one of the best cities to stay in Washington.

The top places of Kirkland which makes it the best cities to visit in Washington State are:

Juanita Bay Park

This Park covers a huge land area of around 144 acres. It provides a habitat for songbirds, waterfowl, turtles, beavers, and many small mammals.

Kirkland Library

This is a very advanced library where you can get electronic books and audiotapes.

Waverly Beach Park

This place is an attraction for swimmers. There is a lake here where one can swim and has a small playground which is good for toddlers.

Kirkland Performance Centre

This is one of the best entertainment centers in Washington. Kirkland’s performance center is near the main business area. Also, one finds no difficulty in parking here.

  • Woodinville

Woodinville has a population of around 12,871. This place is known for its wine. The city also has a lot of parks and good private schools. Alongside this, the place is a little on the expensive side when it comes to living costs. Even it is one of the top cities in Washington State due to its scenic view.

The top attractions of Woodinville which makes it the best cities to visit in Washington State are:

Chateau Ste. Michelle Vineyards

This is a very beautiful winery where you can get a free winery tour and also can taste different kinds of wines. They even hold concerts during summers which make it a great source of attraction among tourists.

Best cities for real estate in Washington state:

West Richland

This place is known for wines which makes it best for real estate purposes.


It is the most affordable place in the state. The average rate of the property is $102.27 per square foot. This is why it is one of the best rent friendly cities in Washington.

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Which is The Best City to Live in Washington State? 

The 10 best cities to live in Washington State are:

  • Redmond
  • Sammamish
  • Pullman
  • Issaquah
  • Richland
  • Bellevue
  • Bainbridge Island
  • Kirkland
  • Snoqualmie
  • Woodinville

What is The Safest City to Live in Washington State?

The safest cities to live in Washington State are:

  • Snoqualmie
  • West Richland
  • Camas
  • Mercer Island
  • Oak Harbor
  • Bainbridge Island
  • Grandview
  • Mill Creek

What Cities in Washington State have the Best Weather?

Seattle is misty and rainy in the winter, pleasant in summer without much rain from June to September.

Spokane has a four season’s climate. Spokane is hot in summers. While it is moderate in spring, fall in autumn and cold in winter.

What is The Cheapest City to Live in Washington State? 

The cheapest cities to live in Washington State are:

  • Olympia
  • Wash
  • Richland
  • Bothell
  • Auburn
  • Redmond

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These are the best cities in Washington to live in. Different cities have different plus points. Of course, some are quite affordable while others have a good view while some have good climatic conditions. So when you plan to live in the best cities in Washington check your requirements and then chose any of the following. Best of luck with your stay!

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