Top 10 Best Cities in Netherlands

Top 10 Best Cities in Netherlands to Live

by Anuradha Sah

If you are thinking of moving to the best cities in Netherlands, then you should know that the Netherlands is a country of great opportunities, beauty and prosperity. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and has great public transport services though the expenses of living in this city are high, but it is still the best cities to visit in the Netherlands.

But along with Amsterdam, there are many other cities that possess the rich heritage and scenic beauty. The best tourist cities in the Netherlands are Delft, Zwolle, Haarlemmermeer, Utrecht, Arnhem and many more. The best cities for nomads are just in the Netherlands in terms of transportation, public services, laws and internet availability etc.

List of Top 10 Best Cities to visit in Netherlands 

Though most of the cities of Netherlands are worth visiting, the following cities are the must-visits during any holiday. To make sure your trip is as memorable as you expect it to be, don’t forget to know about the following cities:

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Rotterdam
  3. Delft
  4. Groningen
  5. Utrecht
  6. Almere
  7. Haarlemmermeer
  8. Arnhem
  9. Amersfoort
  10. The Hague

Top 10 Best Cities in Netherlands to Live

Netherland is a country with a lot of scenic beauty. Though, it is a small country, it still qualifies as the best places to live. This country has all good laws that makes life more comfortable here. Netherlands is a country located in the North western Europe with temperate climate, fair rainfall all year round and gentle winters. Summers are pleasant here and winters are just like paradise, with snowy bliss all over the place.

Going deeper into it, we bring to you top 10 best cities in Netherlands to live. So, whenever you plan your next vacation to Netherlands, you should know where to find the best food and where to party all night.

  1. Amsterdam

cities of Netherlands with the best night-life

Capital city of the country is known for its rich culture and high-tech canal system. The city is well known throughout the world as the cities of Netherlands with the best night-life. The tulip gardens of Amsterdam are world-famous. Amsterdam and Lissie are the best cities to visit during the tulip-season in Netherlands. The city is well-known for its heritage, the city has an aesthetic vibe and the elaborate systems of canals have been regarded as a UNESCO world heritage site. Cycling is a primary attraction of the city for the visitors. The city has numerous cycling paths. Undoubtedly, it is the best tourist cities in Netherlands.

  1. Rotterdam

best cities to live in Netherlands

The second largest city of Netherlands, Rotterdam is famous for its architecture. Some tourist attractions of Rotterdam are- OMA (Rem Koolhaas), Eric Van Egeraat and Neutelings & Riedijk etc. This city has good economic base and this is why it can be considered as the best cities to live in Netherlands. The various ports of the city also add to its growth economically which makes it among the top cities of Netherlands.

You can enjoy excellent food and visit museums after visiting Rotterdam. You cannot miss visiting the Cube Houses that is an iconic attraction.

  1. Delft

best cities to live in Netherlands

Delft is a tourist attraction in Netherlands, most famous for its history with the house of Orange-Nassau and for Delft University of Technology. This city is considered the birthplace of microbiology. The city houses its treasure of hand painted blue pottery. Like Amsterdam, Delft has an intricate canal system. The famous painter, Jam Vermeer was also from Delft. Some attractive tourist sites in Delft are Oude Kerk, Nieuwe Kerk, The Ootspoort, The Vermeer Centre etc. Due to its educational development along with numerous job options Delft can be considered as the best cities to live in Netherlands.

  1. Groningen

best small cities of Netherlands

It is also known as the ‘metropolis of the north’ nationwide. Almost 25% of the population here consists students mostly studying in The University of Groningen which is the second oldest university in the country and has notable alumni. Groningen has a vibrant night-life because of its student population. Mostly, the Vismarkt, the Peperstraat, the Grote Market and the Poelestraat are crowded almost every day and most bars remain open all night long. This makes it fall among the cities with best night-life in Netherlands. Groningen is not a big city but still holds a lot of importance in the development of the country and is the best small cities of Netherlands.

  1. Utrecht

best cities for students in Netherlands

Utrecht is the home to the largest university in Netherlands- Utrecht University as well as several other institutions for higher education and undoubtedly can be counted as the best cities for students in Netherlands. The central position of the city geographically makes well-connected to the other parts of the country, and Utrecht also houses the busiest train station of the country. After Amsterdam, Utrecht has the highest number of cultural events. Utrecht has the world’s largest bicycle parking station. So, Utrecht is also a great city for cycling-lovers.

  1. Almere

best cities of Netherlands to visit in May

Almere has a fair climate consisting of mild winters, warm summers and regular precipitation. This makes Almere the best cities of Netherlands to visit in May. Almere is well-known among the tourists for its museums like- Maritiem Trefpunt, Erfgoedhuis Almere, Dutch Digital Art Museum etc.

Constructed in the seventies Almere is a very spacious city by area. It has many modern and innovative architectural designs. If you want to enjoy the fauna of the place, the city is just a short trip to water facilities as well as forests. One can also enjoy water activities like sailing, diving, fishing, and wakeboarding here. According to visitors, Almere lies in the category of the best cities for tourists.

  1. Haarlemmermeer

best city to visit in Netherlands in January

This city is the favourite of every tourist and holds a special place in every traveler’s itinerary and hearts as well. The tourist attractions of the city include- Haarlem city hall, Teyler’s museum, Frans Hall Museum and the Dolhuys Museum etc. It is suitable among the best cities to visit in Netherlands. Mauritshuis Museum, Madurodam Museum, the Binnenhof, the Ridderzaal etc. are some places every visitor should keep in mind while visiting The Hague. In the month of January, the city of Haarlemmermeer is very scenic and a must-visit. In fact, Haarlemmermeer is the best city to visit in Netherlands in January.

  1. Arnhem 

best city for tourists in Netherlands

 Musis Sacrum, Arnhem Centrum, Station Square, Burgers Zoo are every visitor’s dream to visit, in fact Arnhem is the best city for tourists in Netherlands. Arnhem is a city of great importance in Netherlands because of the numerous events organised by the city like Airborne Commemoration, Dancetour, King’s Day, 8Bahn, World Statues Festival, Sinterklaas. National Sports Centre Papendal, is the national sports development centre of Netherlands, located in Arnhem. The local authorities promote sports specially cycling a lot.

  1. Amersfoort

best cities for families in Netherlands

The city is well- known for its centuries-old street architecture and scenic beauty. Strolling through the city could be the best way to explore many hidden gems of the city. Amersfoot falls among the top cities of Netherlands. The city center, many cafes and restaurants are very welcoming places all over the city. The city is an absolute choice for small families as the housing facilities in the area are good. Amersfoort is the best cities for families in Netherlands. The place has great shopping opportunities, lovely canals, cafes, and many restaurants.

If you feel bored you can even plan a walk along Muurhuizen built on the city wall. The city has been counted among the list of best cities because of the festivals and events celebrated here. During summer, one can witness special events all weekends for the visitors to have fun and have a happy vacation.

  1. The Hague 

Dutch city

This city is the only Dutch city with a beach on the North coast. There are numerous monuments in the city for the visitors to enjoy. Beautiful museums give you a taste of art like never before. The Hague is the best city with a beach in the Netherlands. The local tram that runs through the city gives the visitors and the locals great convenience. There are number of high-end stores in the city to attract various travelers who wish to stay here. So, if you ever visit The Hague, do not forget to carry your beach essentials!

Many other cities of the Netherlands are of great tourist attractions. The above best cities in Netherlands are great to visit as well as to live. All these top cities of the Netherlands possess great architectural and historical treasures. If you ever plan a visit to the Netherlands, keep these top cities of the Netherlands in your itinerary for sure to make your trip memorable!

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Which is the most beautiful city in the Netherlands?

The country of the Netherlands is a place with great scenic beauty and architectural marvels. The peace in the localities, warm welcoming places, food and culture of the area, the historic significance of the country, all make it quite an interesting place to visit. The Netherlands, can be pleasant at any time of the year. The summers are breezy on one hand whereas the winters here have their own charm with snow and festivity all around. Beauty is everywhere in the Netherlands from architecture to the vegetation, from the canal system to the historic buildings all around. The best cities in Netherlands are as follows:

  • Rotterdam
  • Delft
  • Amersfoort
  • Groningen
  • Utrecht
  • Almere
  • Haarlemmermeer
  • Amsterdam
  • The Hague
  • Arnhem

 Which is the best city to live in Netherlands?

The government of the country promotes good public services among its citizens and the laws     of the country are also quiet fair to its citizens. The government makes sure its decisions are in the best interests of its citizens which make up the best cities to live in Netherlands.  Netherlands is a country with well-developed educational and service sectors and thus, living in Netherlands is a win-win situation. However, if you are planning to live in Netherlands make sure you go through the culture of the area you prefer living in. Following are the top best cities to live in Netherlands:

  • Rotterdam
  • Amersfoort
  • Almere
  • Amsterdam
  • The Hague
  • Utrecht

What cities should I visit in Netherlands?

More than a billion people visit the country every year. Therefore, tourism is an important sector for the people as well as the government. The best cities for tourists in Netherlands are the source of revenue for the government hence, they are of great importance and an asset for the country. Though every city of the Netherlands has its own cultural, historical, architectural and economical importance, the best Dutch cities that hold tourist interests are:

  • Delft
  • Maastricht
  • Leiden
  • Best
  • Giethoorn
  • Breda
  • Amsterdam
  • Gouda

What major cities are close to Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands, and because of its political importance the cities near Amsterdam are also physically and politically important.  These cities offer good housing, job opportunities, better education and healthcare facilities to their residents as well as the visitors. Major Netherlands’ cities close to Amsterdam are:

  • Utrecht (33 Km)
  • Rotterdam (56 Km)
  • Tilburg (90 Km)
  • The Hague (51 Km)
  • Eindhoven (107 Km)

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Friendly locals along with great tourism laws make up the best cities in Netherlands to visit or live in. The transportation facilities are well-developed and along with it, people also love cycling. You can see proper cycling paths everywhere which also promotes sustainable habits among the people. Presence of various historical monuments and museums direct to the rich history and culture of the country. They fact that the citizens of the country have well – preserved their heritage surely tells something about them.

So, if you ever plan on living or visiting Netherlands, don’t forget to visit the mentioned places to add fun to your trip. If you are a lover for historical artefacts, don’t forget to pay a visit to the famous museums of Netherlands. The canals of Netherlands double the scenic beauty of the already beautiful country and this country is so beautiful that everyone should visit it once in a lifetime. One should look for the best cities in Netherlands before visiting the country.


Top 10 Best Cities in Netherlands to Live

Top 10 Best Cities in Netherlands

Best Cities in Netherlands to Live

Best Cities in Netherlands

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