Best Cities in Kansas

Top 11 Best Cities in Kansas to Live

If you’re thinking of moving the best cities in Kansas, you must know that Kansas is a place of opportunities and there is nothing better. Kansas is a state in Midwestern U.S. also known as the ‘Sunflower state’. The land terrain is plains and it is the highest wheat producer in the union.

The state was named after the river Kansas which actually flows in the north-eastern Kansas. Topeka is the capital city of Kansas and the city tops the list of best cities in Kansas.

Whether you are planning a vacation, or finding a city to live in, there are numerous choices in Kansas based on economic interest, educational interest and tourist attractions etc.

Kansas also has a long history which often attracts historians to this area. The list of best cities to live in Kansas goes on and on but here are some handpicked choices on which are the best cities to visit in Kansas.

Top 11 Best Cities in Kansas to Live

Kansas is also known as ‘Jayhawker State’. The name dates back to 1856. Jayhawk is a mythical creature, a blue and red coloured bird which could change its size, make itself invisible and it was claimed to be immortal.

Following are the best cities to live in Kansas if you’re moving and best cities to visit in Kansas if you’re on a holiday.

  1. Topeka
  2. Leawood
  3. Derby
  4. Lenexa
  5. Bel Aire
  6. Overland Park
  7. Mc Pherson
  8. Valley Centre
  9. Mission
  10. Garden City
  11. Olathe

Top 11 Best Cities to Visit in Kansas

Kansas is a state with great tourist attractions and best cities to live in Kansas as well as better public service facilities for a better and comfortable living. The sunflower state, has places with great scenic beauty too. Because of the river Kansas flowing throughout the state, there are several tributaries of the river which assist for the proper irrigational systems for farmers.

  • Topeka

The capital city of Kansas, Topeka is famous for Brown v. Board of Education where the Supreme court decided to end racial segregation in schools in 1954. A memorial is in Topeka made to commemorate this historical change where various photos, articles and other related things can be found.

Lake Shawnee campground is a great place to stay during your visit to Topeka city. Surrounded by waters and fishing decks, the place is no less than a paradise for campers and visitors.

The Kansas State Capitol Building, Gage park, Kansas Museum of History, Combat Air Museum, Ward Meade Park, and the sunflower laden Ted Ensley gardens are the best places for visitors in Topeka. This city has been ranked top 5th city in the cities with lowest cost of living in America.

This makes it one of best cities in Kansas to move to. This city offers high developmental opportunities to people living here. Topeka tops the list of best cities in Kansas for young families.

  • Leawood

Leawood city is a province under Johnson county, a part of Kansas City. The city is famous for its Gezer Park, Prairie Park Museum, and town centre plaza. This city has a number of warm and welcoming cafes and restaurants.

Escape rooms are a fun activity and several escape rooms can also be found within the city. The city provides several facilities to its residents and has strict laws against crimes which are regulated all over the United States.

The city is one of the best cities to live in Kansas. Leawood, Kansas is a hub for various companies which provide employment to youngsters.

  • Derby

Derby is a city with the largest suburb with lush green localities and a community with strong ties to their neighbours. The residential areas are well-equipped with cycle paths, sports facilities, and exquisite parks. Several parks of Derby offer fishing, softball diamonds and modern sports facilities.

The city is one of the best cities to stop in Kansas. Derby attracts tourists with it’s Darley Park, Derby Museum and art gallery, Markaeton Park, Pickford’s House, Derby Cathedral, Hopton Hall Gardens etc.

The city attracts shoppers due to the presence of high-end shopping malls.

  • Lenexa

Lenexa is a city with one of the highest tourist attractions in Kansas. If you’re visiting Lenexa, Black Hoof Park and lake Lenexa, Sar-Ko-Par trails Park, City Centre Church along with a number of cafes, shopping malls, gaming zones, golf complexes etc attract a lot of tourist every year.

Though, the cost of living in the area is quite high but the city is one of the best cities to visit in Kansas.

  • Bel Aire

The city is a perfect if you want to enjoy the comfort of a big city and at the same time, remain close to a tightly knit community. Bel Aire offers great housing to its residents. The community organizes social gatherings from time to time.

Population of the city is not more than 7000 and all major transportation facilities are here because of the city being close to Wichita. The city of Bel Aire fosters a great environment for business and expansion.

The city secures a good place in the list of best small cities in Kansas. there are great recreational, educational facilities within the area. The environment of the city is safe for people of all age groups. Lot of parks, gymnasiums, senior organizations are regularly maintained by the citizens.

  • Overland Park

Overland Park is one of the largest suburbs of Kansas with second highest population in the state. Johnson County Museum, Museum at Prairiefire, Oak Park Mall and The White Theatre are among best choices of visitors. It is one of the best cities in Kansas to move to. The city gives a dense suburban feel to its residents.

The city is one of 10 best cities to live in Kansas. the area is also a part of the Kansas State Metro facility which makes transportation easier and cheaper. Therefore, overland park is one of the best cities with Kansas City Metro.

  • Mc Pherson

Mc Pherson is one of the cities with best community ties. The city of Mc Pherson is a suburb area and has various tourist attractions like- Mc Pherson Museum and Arts foundation where the firsts of the community are preserved. The Mc Pherson Opera House features premiere shows, live performances of many great artists. Along with these, the city features several dine-ins and recreational places to go to. The city even comes under top 20 best cities to live in USA, Kansas City.

  • Valley Centre

This city is a great place to settle down. The environment of the neighbourhood is friendly for people of all age groups. The community has people deeply involved in the highs and lows of each other’s life. There are several places for family outings and dine-ins. Theorosa’s bridge is a place with great scenic beauty. This city is one of the best small cities in Kansas.

The major annual event organized in the Valley centre is the Fall festival. This festival is celebrated in the month of September. And not only this, the place has everything for a perfect family vacation.

You can locate amusement parks for the kids, bowling games for the adults, and artsy places for those the art lovers.

You can also relax at the bars while enjoying a few long island iced teas.

  • Mission

Mission is a small city with limited facilities in the state of Kansas. It is a developing city and offers a wide range of opportunities to the residents in the fields of education, job and career, talent magnification etc. The city is a great option for best small cities in Kansas.

  • Garden City

The city is famous for Lee Richardson Zoo- the largest zoological park in western Kansas and Garden City Community College. Because of the presence of this college the educational opportunities are at peak in this city.

This city has historical importance due to the largest swimming pool- almost 100 yards in size. This city has become one of the best cities in western Kansas.

  • Olathe

Olathe is the famous tourist destination in Kansas popularly known for Kansas State School for the Deaf. In addition to this, the place has a well-preserved heritage at Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm. Also, the Old Olathe Naval Air Museum has a presentable display of War memorabilia.

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What is the best city to live in Kansas?

Kansas is a state situated in the midwestern U.S. The state has more than 60 cities in it which are all well-known for their own specialities. Kansas has a long history of civilization of people. The city is also known for its sunflower gardens. There is a long list to the top cities in Kansas. One of the best cities in Kansas to visit or to move to are:

  • Topeka
  • Leawood
  • Derby
  • Lenexa
  • Bel Aire
  • Overland Park
  • Mc Pherson
  • Valley Centre
  • Mission
  • Garden City
  • Olathe

What is the safest city in Kansas?

U.S. law is very strict against criminal activity. The crime rate in Kansas state are very low and the court strictly rules unbiased of any discrimination. The environment is very safe and friendly. The living cost in Kansas is relatively low than other states of the United States and the crime rates are also low. Living in Kansas is relatively better than any other state. So, if you’re thinking to move to the States, the top 10 safest cities in Kansas are as follows:

  • Hugoton
  • Tonganoxie
  • Frontenac
  • Marysville
  • Osawatomie
  • Spot city
  • Valley centre
  • Hesston
  • Olathe

Is Kansas a good state to live?

Kansas is a state which provides all the public services to its residents. Proper healthcare, educational and job opportunities, cleanliness, safety and friendly neighbourhoods are all there in the localities in Kansas.

Number of restaurants, cafes, shopping malls are there in the state and the local authorities have also built many parks in the area for recreational purposes. The state of Kansas has almost every facility one needs to live. Kansas is well-known for its beautiful sunsets and therefore, is one of the best places to live in the U.S.A. Kansans believe in simple living, high thinking. The area does not have any beaches or mountains which encourages people to travel.

Is Leawood, Kansas a good place to live?

Leawood is a city with various facilities for its citizens in Kansas state. The city has 2 public schools which serve the people of the city. The Johnson County Library serves as a public library to the residents of Leawood. There is a high employment rate of some top companies.

The United Methodist Church of Resurrection is one of the largest churches in the country. The neighbourhood of the city is also very friendly and the people are very helpful. These are almost all the things that make a place good for living. Therefore, Leawood, Kansas is definitely one of the best cities to live in Kansas.

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The state of Kansas is one of the most developed states in the United States of America. The state of Kansas has great residential development facilities. Several Universities and public schools are within the state which help in the educational development of the citizens of the state.

Also, the city has a lot of recreational spots for families. Number of parks with lush green landscapes give a feeling of relaxation after a tiring day. Beautiful sceneries add to the advantages of the area. Also known as the sunflower city, this city is just as its name- extremely beautiful, the river Kansas add to its beauty and grace. The state of Kansas is among the best states of America.

Planning a trip might be difficult but you should always research the place, its tourist attractions, the culture of the place and keep an itinerary with you and follow it. Good trips make good memories and Kansas is just the right place to make good memories with your loved ones. Plan a trip to the best cities in Kansas for a happening vacation.


Top 11 best cities in Kansas to live

Top 11 best cities in Kansas

best cities in Kansas to live

best cities in Kansas


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