Best Cities In Denmark

Top 10 Best Cities In Denmark To Visit And Live

by Aishwarya

Are you planning to visit the best cities in Denmark? Then, you are at the right spot. Here, I will tell you about the beautiful best cities in Denmark that you should not miss going to. Denmark is popularly known for its incredible architecture, colorful stunning crooked houses, and royalty. If you have a sweet tooth then you can taste the world-famous licorice and flavored candies in Denmark. I have also given the names of the most popular heritage sites that you can see in these best tourist cities in Denmark. Keep reading the article to know the specialty and the visitor places of these best cities in Denmark.

List of Best Cities In Denmark To Visit and Live

Now, I will tell you the names of the best cities in Denmark that are amazing and you should consider visiting. I am sure that you will have a great fun time and a nice vacation in these wonderful best cities in Denmark.

  1. Ribe 
  2. Aalborg
  3. Aarhus 
  4. Odense 
  5. Copenhagen
  6. Esbjerg
  7. Roskilde
  8. Skagen
  9. Elsinore
  10. Bornholm

Top 10 Best Cities In Denmark

You are now aware of the names of the best cities in Denmark where you can plan a trip. In the next section, I will tell you more details and facts about these best cities to see in Denmark.

  1. Ribe

best cities to visit in Denmark,

Ribe, Denmark is one of the oldest best cities in Denmark where you can explore the history and get more information about Ribe at Museet Ribes Vikinger. There are thousands of artifacts and archaeological items kept there. You can also explore the temporary exhibition The Christian Vikings which is nearby and tells the story of the first Christian Vikings.

To dress up like the medieval knight and to click some images in a medieval home you can visit the Dagmar and Valdemar activity room. You can even take a tour of Ribe Kunstmuseum which displays a wide variety of age-old art and crafts. To get away from the city environment you should go to Kammerslusen which is a peaceful sea dam. I recommend you to visit this best city in Denmark as there are so many historic tourist spots to visit.

  1. Aalborg

best cities to live in Denmark

Aalborg, Denmark is among the best cities in Denmark to visit with so many fun activities to do. The city is famous for its largest carnival festival in Scandinavia which is celebrated in May. You will see that during this festival the whole city gets dressed up in weird costumes. There are various entertainment performances and activities that take place and are worth watching.

You can take a trip to Aalborg Historiske Museum to see the 1200 years of history and to know more about the place. One of the sites that you should not miss going here is Aalborg Waterfront. It has beautiful scenic views, a calm vibe and you can have a good relaxing time here.

To watch the wild animals closely and conservation credentials you can go to the large Aalborg zoo. You and your kids will have a nice playful session here. I  would be glad if you plan a trip to Aalborg for having some good family time.

  1. Aarhus

best cities to see in Denmark

Aarhus, Denmark is the second-largest city and is included in the best cities to travel in Denmark. If you love to explore history then you must visit the famous Den Gamle By. It is an open-air museum displaying Danish social history. The other museums that you can take a tour to Moesgaard Museum and ARoS.

You should miss going to Tivoli Friheden which is one of the best amusement parks in Europe. There are four roller coasters and approximately about 40 other rides. You can take your children along and have a great fun and enjoyable time.

You must visit Aarhus Domkirke which is the largest church in Denmark and is 96 meters in height. The additional attractions include Musikhuset Aarhus, Aarhus Radhus and Marselisborg Mindepark.

  1. Odense

best cities to stay in Denmar

Odense has several attractions and sites and is listed in the best cities in Denmark to visit. The Egeskov Castle is the first place that you should visit here. The castle is made in the center of a small lake and it is considered the most beautiful buildings in Europe.

If you are a shopping lover then Brandts Klædefabrik is a one-stop destination for you. You will find different shops, art studios, cinemas, exhibition rooms and cultural institutions here.

The Funen Village is a fascinating open-air museum that has around 30 historic buildings. You will see that the museum staff here dresses up in the traditional dress which is quite interesting. You can even explore more information and history at Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Carl Nielsen Museum, and Odense bunker museum.

You can also taste the yummy danish dishes such as smoked eel and herring at Smorrebrod and other nearby local restaurants.

  1. Copenhagen

best cities to visit in Denmark in winter

Copenhagen, Denmark is the capital city and is indexed in the best cities in Denmark to live. You can go to watch the beautiful Danish design and fantastic artwork at the Designmuseum Danmark.

To get the feel of Royalty and go back in time you can visit Rosenborg Castle. It was built in 1606 by Christain VI one of the Scandinavian kings. To have some delicious mouthwatering dishes you should go to the Alchemist which has a large exotic menu.

You can witness the stunning cultural history of Danish and Copenhagen city at the National Museum of Denmark. The museum itself is made in the 18th century Prince palace. The other visitor sites that you must tour include Refshaleoen, Cisternerne, and Nyhavn. I suggest you plan a trip to Copenhagen on your next vacation and have some wonderful experiences.

  1. Esbjerg

best tourist cities in Denmark

Esbjerg is the fifth-largest city and one of the tourist best cities in Denmark. If you are a nature lover then you must visit the gorgeous Wadden Sea, National Park. It is the largest national park in Denmark and has about ten million migratory birds. The place is pleasant to see and you will feel the fresh air breeze here.

To see the Viking history and ancient Nordic time-related artifacts and things you should go to Ribe Viking Museum. You can also take a tour of the other museums such as Man Meets the Sea and Fisheries & Maritime Museum, Kunstmuseum, and Esbjerg Museum.

One of the must-see sights of Esbjerg is Ribe Domkirke which is made of limestone and is around 1000 years old. If you have more time then you can also go to Limfjord, Silkeborg, Als and Mando Island.

  1. Roskilde

best student cities in Denmark

Roskilde is among the best small cities in Denmark which was founded by the Vikings as the trading hub. The first place that you should visit here is the world-famous Viking Ship Museum. You will get to see the old ancient and medieval times Viking ships. Not only this you can also try out your skills at the Viking age craft at an activity center here.

You should miss going to the Cathedral of St. Luke during your visit to Roskilde which is a UNESCO world heritage site. This palace has tombs of around 40 kings and queens of Denmark.

The most popular festival of this city is Roskilde Rock Festival which is celebrated around June and July. During this event, many rock and pop concerts are organized. I would glad if you take my advice and plan a trip to this best city in Denmark to get a break from your routine life.

  1. Skagen

best small cities in Denmark

Skagen is included in the amazing best cities in Denmark and has so much to explore. You can first visit the popular tourist site Skagen’s Vippefyr. It is a navigation light mechanism and was constructed in 1627.

You can know more about the diverse culture and history of Skagen at the Skagens Museum and Natural History Museum Skagen. You will also get to see the various paintings of famous artists such as Laurits, Johansen, and Michael Ancher here.

You cannot miss watching the Rabjerg Mile which is a unique migrating coastal dune. This dune shifts between Skagen and Frederikshavn and is the largest shifting dune in Europe. To see the terrific and the prettiest sceneries of Denmark you should go to Flagbakken. Here, you will also find a buried church and get a view do the vast spread water bodies around. I bet you will not regrate if you think of going to this magnificent best city in Denmark on your next summer vacation.

  1. Elsinore

best cities to travel in Denmark

Elsinore is indexed in the best cities to visit in Denmark in winter. You can do so many adventurous activities here such as skydiving, air ballooning, and swimming, etc. To know about the past of this city you should visit Historic Downtown. There you will find many other museums as well, antique shops, and nice restaurants.

For refreshment and to have some fun you can go to Ortega falls for swimming. To reach the Ortega spot you also need to do hiking and you can do it with your family and friends. If you have crazy love for wines then you cannot miss going to the La Rebelde Winery. They serve the best premium wines of Denmark that you must get your hands on. Your visit to this Elsinore with your friends will have some amazing moments there.

  1. Bornholm

best cities to go in Denmark

Bornholm is an island city and is listed in the best cities in Denmark to take a trip to. To go back in time and explore the history of the place you should visit the Bornholm Museum. You will get to see the featured art and craft, old watches, wartime memorials, and some gold artifacts here.

You can also go to the nearby beautiful Christianso and the Pea Islands. This place has stunning eye cooling scenery and you can click some awesome pictures. You can even visit the Paradisbakkerne which is called the hills of Paradise. You will feel refreshed in its pretty dense dark green forest and picture-perfect valleys.

The other places to visit in Bornholm are Dueodde Beach, Allinge-Sandvig, Nylars Round Church, and Hasle and Gudhjem village. I suggest you take a tour of Bornholm and see all these delightful places.


What are the best cities to visit in Denmark?

The names of the best cities to visit in Denmark are mentioned below.

  • Ribe
  • Aalborg
  • Aarhus
  • Odense
  • Copenhagen
  • Esbjerg
  • Roskilde
  • Skagen
  • Elsinore
  • Bornholm

Where is the best place to live in Denmark?

The best cities to live in Denmark are given below.

  • Copenhagen
  • Aarhus
  • Aalborg
  • Odense
  • Esbjerg
  • Roskilde
  • Elsinore
  • Skagen

What is best in Denmark?

The best in Denmark is its unique colorful architectural sites such as Nyhavn, Kronborg Slot,

Tivoli Gardens, National Museum of Denmark, and the national gallery of Denmark.

For what Denmark is famous for?

Denmark is famous for charming old towns, Denmark Hygge, mysterious Vikings, and Lego & Colorful Crooked Houses. The Salty Licorice of Denmark in food and drinks is also very popular in the world.


In this article, you will get to know about the best cities in Denmark that you can visit and consider living in. You can do so many fun activities in these top-rated best cities in Denmark such as swimming, sky diving, air ballooning, and scuba diving, etc. I have also mentioned the best tourist spots and places that you should not miss going to. You will get to see the diverse rich Danish culture, traditions, and amazing art forms in these places. You must also try the unique cuisine of Denmark which is very popular in the world among foodies. I am sure that you will book your tickets and visit these best cities in Denmark soon.

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