Best Beaches In New York

Top 14 Best Beaches In New York

by Payal Pedkar

Are you planning a trip to the best beaches in New York? If yes, then in this article you will get all the information about the beautiful best beaches in New york. The first most important fact is that you do not need to pay any fees to visit the beaches in New York. There are so many fun things and wonderful activities to do like scuba diving, swimming, beachcombing, sunbathing and fishing, etc.

These seaside towns have spectacular views and an amusing natural beauty. Not only this but you should not miss out on trying the yummy seafood delicacies served in the local restaurants, hotels, and eateries. Keep reading the article to know more about these best beaches in New York.

List Of 14 Best Beaches In New York

First, I will introduce you to the names of the best beaches in New York that you can spend your vacations on. I am sure that you will have some once-in-a-lifetime experiences on these wonderful best beaches in New York.

  1. Coney Island Beach
  2. Brighton Beach
  3. Robert Moses State Park
  4. Long Beach
  5. Rockaway Beach
  6. Orchard Beach
  7. Asbury Park
  8. Fort Tilden Beach
  9. Jacob Riis Park Beach
  10. Main Beach
  11. Manhattan Beach
  12. Jones Beach State Park
  13. Cooper’s Beach
  14. Sandy Hook Beach 

Top 14 Best Beaches In New York

In the next section, I will give you more facts and details about the best beaches in New York that you can visit. I can assure you that you will have a joyous and fun time on these amazing best beaches in New York.

  1. Coney Island Beach

best beaches in new york state

Coney Island Beach is one of the most popular best beaches in New York and is located at the tip of Brooklyn. You don’t need to worry about traveling much as this beach is easily accessible by subway trains.

This beach is perfect for hangout with friends and having a good time with your family. The main attraction around this beach is the two amusement parks which have thrilling rides like the Cyclone roller coaster, Deno’s wonder wheel, and luna park.

You also should not miss out on going to the famous Nathan’s Coney Island restaurant that was inaugurated in the year 1916. You can try their appetizing snacks and even participate in the Hot dog eating contest conducted in the 4th week of July.

If you feel bored walking around the beach then you can go to the nearby New York Aquarium. There you will get to see a wide variety of amazing sea creatures and species. It has approximately 350 marine species and 18 different species of sharks from all over the world.

  1. Brighton Beach

best beaches in new york city,

Brighton beach is on the list of the best beaches in New York state and has a laid-back vibe. This beach is less crowded than the Coney Island beach and you are sure to find a picnic spot here.

The popular activities on this beach are suntanning, playing volleyball and making sand sculptures, etc.

The Brighton beach area has many communities of Eastern Europeans. So, you will find shops and stalls that sell Russian and eastern European foods. You can also try the yummy freshly made pierogies from the Delis and local restaurants there.

To breathe in some fresh air and to go close to nature you can visit the Manhattan beach park which is near to the beach.

  1. Robert Moses State Park

best beaches in upstate new york,

Robert Moses State Park is among the best beaches in upstate New York and is located on Fire Island. To reach this beach you will have to take a long journey which involves traveling by train, ferry, and shuttle.

This beach is family-friendly and does not have too much of a crowd. The public facilities that are available on this beach include hot showers, picnic tables, and shady areas.

You can hire a bike and have a closer look at the sceneries and sights of this beach.

The main attraction of the beach is the Fire Island lighthouse which is nearby and is approximately 200 years old. You can climb up its stairs and see the panoramic and impressive views of the beach.

  1. Long Beach

best beaches in central new york,

Long beach is classified in the best beaches in New York City and is situated in Nassau County. You will be stunned by seeing its beautiful soft white sand shores with gleaming blue water.

This beach is good for you if you just want to ease out and soak in warm sun rays. There is a 2.2-mile Long beach boardwalk which is perfect for walking and biking. You can also try surfing on the Skudin Surf Long beach located on the right of the beach.

You can even witness the Boardwalk festival hosted in the summers in which you will get to see free concerts and performances.

If you are a shopping buff then you can consider going to the Kennedy Plaza nearby which has a farmers market. You can shop or buy all sorts of goods from there ranging from farm-fresh veggies to artisan items etc.

  1. Rockaway Beach

the best beaches in new york,

Rockaway Beach is included in the best clear water beaches in New York and is located in the queens. This beach is very clean and has shallow waters which make it ideal for swimming. You can do surfing as well on the days when the waves are higher.

Playing a game of volleyball with your buddies is also a good option here.

There are around eight playgrounds along the beach so I am sure that your kids won’t get bored.

If you are a big foodie then you must grab some yum-yum tacos sold at the Tacoway beach. There are many eateries and restaurants nearby that sell delicious burgers, hot dogs, Venezuelan arepas and seafood rolls, etc.

  1. Orchard Beach

best family beaches in new york,

Orchard Beach is located on Pelham bay and is out of the best family beaches in New York. The weather of this place is good and you will find a large crowd here especially on the weekends.

The water of this beach is warm, calm, and shallow so you can take your kids along. There are all types of facilities available like changing rooms, showers, picnic areas, and restrooms, etc.

You will find around 26 playing courts of basketball, handball, and volleyball on this beach.

The only drawback is that you have to pay for your parking space which is $8 on weekdays and $13 on weekends.

  1. Asbury Park

best clear water beaches in new york

Asbury Park is noted in the best beaches in New York and New Jersey and was made in the late 1800s.

You can spend your lazy Sunday here just relaxing and dining in the nearby restaurants. The point of attraction of this beach is the Paramount theater and convention hall. You can go there to watch a show, concert or performance.

Aside from this, the other amazing place that you can go near this park is Silverball Arcade which is a fascinating glassblowing studio.

If you are taking your kids along you don’t need to worry about their fun and enjoyment as there is Asbury Splash Park.

You can also go to this beach to witness the world-famous Oyster and Jazz festival that attracts people from around the world.

  1. Fort Tilden Beach

Rockaway beach

Fort Tilden Beach is indexed in the best beaches in New York which is usually crowded during the weekends.

You can reach this beach either through the beach buses that are made or by taking the ferry rides.

There are not many beach facilities available and very little infrastructure. If you thinking to swim on the beach then you need to be more careful as there are no lifeguards.

This beach is perfect to plan a family picnic and eating your own hand-cooked meals. The highlight of this beach is its seclusion and calmness that you won’t get anywhere.

  1. Jacob Riis Park Beach

fort Tilden beach

Jacob Riis Park beach is nicknamed ‘the People’s beach’ and is included in the best beaches near nyc. You can have a look at the clean fine stretch of the sands and the shining blue waters.

The access to this beach is very easy you can reach there by taking a train to Broad Channel, catching a bus or by ferry.

There is a lot to enjoy and to do nearby beach like going to the beach bazaar. This bazaar not only for shopping but also hosts numerous live shows, events, and local performances, etc.

Food lovers should not miss out on eating the heavenly yummy local food. Some of the eateries that are famous are Rockaway Clam Bar, Ample Hills Ice cream, and Oaxaca Tacos.

  1. Main Beach

best beaches in new york and new jersey

The Main beach is located in East Hampton and is noted in the famous best beaches in New York. There are all types of amenities available here like restrooms, showers, changing rooms, pavilion, and picnic areas.

The attractive point about this beach is that it has clean sand and crystal blue waters. There are many fun things that you can do on this beach like Kayaking, surfing, and paddle boarding, etc.

If you have more time then you can go to the nearby visitors’ spot like Home sweet home museum and an ancient styled windmill.

  1. Manhattan Beach

best beaches near nyc by car

Manhattan beach is not very crowded and is indexed in the peaceful best beaches in New York. This beach is close to Coney Island and Brighton beach but does not have many people.

If you want to have rest away from your busy routine life then this beach is a good option. You will find long stretches of fine sand and flaring blue water. You can dip your toes in its cool waters and relax. Suntanning and making sandcastles is also a joyful thing that you can do here.

It is a nice beach for a family picnic and you can make your own delicious BBQs and food.

  1. Jones Beach State Park

coney island beach

Jones Beach State Park is one of the best beaches near nyc by car and spans over an area of 6.5 miles. This is a well-maintained beach and if you want to enjoy some sports activities then it is an excellent choice for you.

There is Hamlet of Wantagh which has a two-mile-long boardwalk where you can stroll around.

You can also go to see the summer concerts that are held at the Northwell Health outdoor arena. You can even go to witness the Bethpage Air Show that is hosted every memorial day weekend. Many tournaments of softball and volleyball are conducted along with free entertainment and musical performances.

The recreational and joyous activities that you can do on this beach include surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, and windsurfing, etc.

  1. Cooper’s Beach

Brighton beach

Cooper’s Beach is situated in the Hamptons and is among the top best beaches in New York. You can gaze around and see the picture-perfect scenery of this beach with fine golden sand,  glowing blue waters, and sand dunes.

You don’t need to think much as this beach has all sorts of amenities like showers, changing rooms, washrooms, picnic tables, and shady areas.

If you love photography then you can click some awesome pictures in the backdrop of this beach to upload on your social media.

There are also many historic mansions near the beach where you can go and have a closer look at the interesting age old-style architect.

  1. Sandy Hook Beach 

beach close to nyc

Sandy hook beach is located in the Gateway National Recreation Area and is out of the best beaches in New York.

This old-style and unfashionable beach has a plethora of things to do for joy. You can just sit back and relax while sitting in the warm sun.

If you like fishing then it is a good spot to catch some fresh fishes to cook for your dinner. There are lifeguards roaming around the beach for the safety of the visitors and tourists.

The other visitor’s place near the beach is a lighthouse which is around 250 years old.

You can also go to have a look at Downtown Manhattan which is just 45 minutes away by a boat ride.

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What Is The Cleanest Beach In NYC?

There are many clean beaches in NYC and to mention one of them is very difficult. Below I have given the list of the cleanest best beaches in New York.

  • Coney Island Beach
  • Brighton Beach
  • Robert Moses State Park
  • Long Beach
  • Rockaway Beach
  • Orchard Beach
  • Asbury Park
  • Fort Tilden Beach
  • Jacob Riis Park Beach
  • Main Beach
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Jones Beach State Park
  • Cooper’s Beach
  • Sandy Hook Beach

Can You Swim On New York Beaches?

Yes, you can enjoy swimming in the New York beaches as they have crystal clear and clean water which is safe for swimming. The water is considered safe for swimming till the time the enterococci levels are below 35 according to the Inverse reports.

What Is The Dirtiest Beach In New York?

The dirtiest beach in New York is the Tanner park beach which is located in Copiague of Suffolk county. This is according to the reports of the Environment America Research and Policy Center.

What Should I Avoid In New York?

The things that you should avoid in New York are mentioned below.

  • You should not block or cause the traffic.
  • Trying taking ferries and not tours.
  • Avoid taking bus tours.
  • You should not drive yourself if you don’t know the streets.

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In this article, I have mentioned all the tourist best beaches in New York that you must visit. New York is known for its numerous pretty beaches with fine white sand and sparkling blue water. Apart from this, there are many phenomenal museums and wonderful galleries to see. You can do many joyous and delightful activities there like sunbathing, swimming, fishing, kayaking, and much more.

If you love shopping then there are plenty of markets in New York from where you can shop. You should also not miss out on trying the heavenly tasty seafood varieties, snacks, and delicacies there. I am sure after knowing all this amazing information you will go to these best beaches in New York soon.

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